10 Best File Manager Apps For Android 2018

File Managing is a hard business, especially when your phone is full memory is full of things you don’t even use anymore! It happens with each and every one of us. When you buy a new phone, you download a lot of crap and then y’all are too lazy to uninstall them one by one or arrange your thousands of photos & videos for when you most need them, you can find on time!

Lucky for you, Android has the ablest File Managing Apps on the planet, and we are going to share 10 of them with you today. So, pay attention and take notes because this is vital for the organization of your phone and your favorite files in it! One more thing, these all these free file manager apps for Android 2017, so you can download them all and see which fits your needs!

Best File Manager Apps For Android 2018

1. File Manager by ASUS

If you’ve ever wondered what simplicity looks like, this is it! The File Manager by ASUS is really simple, with an interface that, by all means, justifies its download. It is efficient, easy to understand and accesses files regardless of where they’re located internal memory, SD Card, Network or a Cloud- OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive.

File Manager by ASUS

On the main page, it shows all your files- images, videos, music, pdf, etc, categorically along with, the capacity of storage in your internal memory and MicroSD. You can also Wirelessly transfer files between PC & Mobile. Supports all smartphones and is advertisement free! Truly the best to suit all your needs.   DownloadQR-Code File Manager Developer: ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc. Price: Free   

2. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer might give you a Windows Explorer feel. The interface itself is pretty colorful and quite easy to use. The menu displays tons of options that you can choose to enable/disable. You can also rename, delete, add folders, and clean up memory space as well. The ‘Analyzer’ really comes in handy when it comes to keeping the MicroSD and Internal storage free from garbage! Every now and then you require some cleaning.

ES File Explorer

The coolest thing by far is the ‘Gesture’ feature where you can record certain gestures that would perform certain functions within the App. It is another best option if you’re seeking something without annoying ads and works at full capacity for a free version.

Free App,   DownloadQR-Code ES File Explorer File Manager Developer: ES Global Price: Free+

Pro App,   DownloadQR-Code ES File Explorer/Manager PRO Developer: ES Global Price: €3,09   

3. Astro Cloud & File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is yet another powerful File Manager for Android. It allows local and cloud storage management and lets you organize files between internal memory, MicroSD, and cloud networks. You can also bookmark folders or settings and have access to a mapped network.

Astro Cloud & File Manager

It also has a quick viewer that shows consumed MicroSD card space and internal memory space. In other words, it looks just like Windows Explorer with neat folders.   DownloadQR-Code File Manager by Astro (File Browser) Developer: Metago Price: Free   

4. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is best known for it’s ‘Drag N’ Drop’ feature. The dual panel display enables you to switch between two separate folders simultaneously and use the ‘drag & drop‘ feature to move files around. Very simple, with an interactive User Interface.

Solid Explorer

It also integrates with cloud networks- Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. and Chromecast.   DownloadQR-Code Solid Explorer File Manager Developer: NeatBytes Price: Free+

5. AirDroid

Ever dreamed of a remote control file management technique? Well, you can stop wondering as AirDroid is here! It’s an Android app that syncs phone and computer and gives you a remote file control management. The app is so far ahead with its features that it enables the user to access files from any web browser.


Airdroid also allows you to move files & folders wirelessly to and from the device, even run the apps and receive notifications in the form of SMS. You can also install/uninstall apps from a remote location. It has a built-in system that secures your data and in a case of breach, you can lock or even erase all your confidential information remotely.   DownloadQR-Code AirDroid: Remote access & File Developer: SAND STUDIO Price: Free+

6. File Manager

File Manager has an easy name than most! And its functions are also easier to perform. The home screen has pre-determined folders for your photos, music, videos and documents. It also has options for external drives and internal memory. The folder view lets you switch between two different folders by using a ‘Swipe’ feature. The app has a built-in support for cloud storage manager and also has a few variations for FTP.   DownloadQR-Code CM FILE MANAGER Developer: CM FILE MANAGER Price: Free   

7. Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is an open-source app that has all the grounds covered regarding local file management. The user can view their frequently used folders for movies, pictures or downloads, etc. in a shortcut tab and also bookmark folders that are used a lot, quite handy actually. The app has a support system for FTP and SMBconnections, and also has a built-in feature for app management and ZIP file and also a Root Explorer for rooted Android smartphones/tablets.

Amaze File Manager   The only drawback is, it does not have a support for Cloud Storage Management, such a shame! But if you are seeking a local storage manager then this is one of the best, without a doubt!   DownloadQR-Code Amaze File Manager Developer: Team Amaze Price: Free+

8. Portal

Portal is a noteworthy file transfer app that allows its users to swap files over wi-fi between your smartphone and a PC/mac. Once the app is installed on your device, you need to log on to “portal.pushbullet.com” on your PC, scan the QR code, & that’s it!


You can easily transfer a single or multiple files and even folders to your phone while your photos are automatically synced with the Gallery. You may still require a different app to manage your on-device files but Portal is a handy tool to help move your files to and from desktop/phone.   DownloadQR-Code Portal – WiFi File Transfers Developer: Pushbullet Price: Free   

9. Total Commander

Total Commander is a well-known file manager, formerly used with desktop computers but now available for Android as well.

Basic functions such as copy, paste, compare files & folders are easier to manage. Some of the extra features include: Root functions, sort by filename, bookmarking. FTP & LAN plugin support, is available.   DownloadQR-Code Total Commander – file manager Developer: C. Ghisler Price: Free   

10. X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager employs a fine dual-pane file explorer with its glorifying features showcased on the home screen. The interface is easily understood and allows you to compare and move files. X-plore could remind you of the Windows Explorer because it’s Folder sidebar opens up to a maximum size giving you a better look at all the files it contains.

X-plore File Manager

The coolest features of X-plore File Manager has to be the built-in media players, Auto-ZIP file creator and ZIP unpacker. Additional support is provided for LAN and Web storage. One of the best file manager for Android.   DownloadQR-Code X-plore File Manager Developer: Lonely Cat Games Price: Free+

Wrapping up,

Android File Managers apps truly come in handy when it comes to a basic phone organization. Try these out and share your experience with us & everybody. Sharing is caring, isn’t it? Feel free to share with your friends and relative.

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