Download IOS Emulator For Android To Run Apple Apps On Your Android

Android’s are probably the best OS available because of how you can customize it according to what you want or need. You might also be using an Android phone if you can’t afford an iPhone though you prefer it. Apple devices are quite expensive and the iOS has features that you can’t really meddle with. The Apple phone have a seamless experience but you cannot modify anything while androids have a much more flexible software and a lot more applications. But if you actually just love Apple Apps, then there is a way to use them on an Android device as well. Apple does have some great applications and you would probably like to use some of them as well. For users who love playing games, iOS games are a really fun experience and you probably want the same experience on your Android device as well.

Using emulator apps, you can actually get this experience. There are a lot of other productive applications on the Apple store that will come to your use as well and we can help you download these without spending unnecessarily on an expensive iPhone. Emulator apps are the best alternative to trying out the features of iOS without purchasing Apple devices. Here we will tell you how you can run Apple apps on Android devices using some simple tricks and tips. iOS emulators can be used to download and run Apple applications on any Android device as well. We will tell you more about this.

Let’s take a look at some of the best iOS emulators for android:

Cider Apk

Cider Apk is a great iOS emulator and probably the most commonly used one on Android devices. You might also know this app as Cycada Apk. Most of your favourite Apple apps can be easily downloaded using this. It was created by students at Columbia university and is a really cool app. There are no charges to download or access this app. The user interface is simple and easy to use. Before downloading the app you need to go to settings then security and select “Enable Unknown Sources” on your android. Then you can download Cider Apk. After the download is complete you can launch it from the App Drawer. Now you can download any iOS apps on your android.

Download Cider


Yet another great iOS emulator for androids is iEMU or Padoid APK. It gives you a virtual iOS like experience in your Android device. The app is simplistic and does not require too much storage space on your device. You just need about 500 mb RAM and a good internet connection for it to work properly on your phone. App developers also use this to test out their applications. The creators of the app did a lot of research and work to ensure that the app works seamlessly and to prevent any bug problems as far as possible. Download the iEMU app and then you need to go to settings and then security. Enable “Unknown Sources” to allow the installation of the application. Find the downloaded file and then install it in your device. Once you launch it you easily use Apple applications.

Download iEmu


Appetize iOS emulator is web based and allows you to run iOS applications in browser tabs.This emulator app is for those who just want to use iOS applications for a short period of time. It actually works like a simulator. It is yet another app that iOS developers use for testing their apps in different environments. You have to open a browser and search for the Appetize IO. Once the home page opens, you will see the image of an iPhone. You need to select the “Tap to Play” option and this will then make the Appetize emulator work on your android device. You can now use features like Facetime on your android device and use other apps or games for iOS.

Download Appetize

All in One

The All In One iOS emulator is not the best emulator available for androids but it gets the job done as well. It was developed by XDA developers in 2012. The app has more limitations than the others and only offers the iOS 6 version of experience. The advantage is that you get a simulated experience of SIRI on your android device using this emulator. It also give you iOS camera features, sound recorder, iTunes, etc. However, compared to other emulators, the experience using All in One is very limited.

About iOS emulators

Applications for iPhones are specially designed to work on iOS and not any other software. For these to work on an android you need an iOS emulator app that will allow you to download and run them. The emulator applications are designed to make apple applications work on android phones without any hassle. The emulator apps are also free to download and use on android phones. It creates an environment similar to iOS on your android so that the Apple applications can work in them. Although not all, most iOS apps will work on Android using the iOS emulator apps. Another benefit is that iOS emulators work on rooted as well as non-rooted devices. They are easy to download and use.

Most of the emulator apps have been developed to prevent any lag and glitches while using so that the user gets a good experience while running the apps. For usual android phones, you can download and use the emulator just by going to Settings – Security and then allowing installation from “Unknown Sources”. If you have a Xiaomi phone you need to go to Setting – Additional settings – Privacy and then allow installation from “Unknown Sources”. It’s just that simple!


Now that you have followed all the steps, you can easily download and use Apple iOS apps on your own Android device. It is fairly easy to do it and simple to use. You do not have to shell out a large amount of your hard-earned money just to buy an iPhone when your affordable Android will do the job for you. A lot of people cannot really afford those iPhones and instead of that you can get a similar experience just by downloading some free apps on your android phone or tablet. Although you won’t get every single feature, it is more than good enough.

You also need to keep in mind that Android phones are much more user friendly and allow you to personalize your device much more than any Apple device. Using an iOS emulator, you can make use of some really great features and apps available on the AppStore in your Android device. The steps to download the emulators are simple and these apps have a very easy user interface as well. You entire experience will be as seamless as possible. So go ahead and enjoy the experience of iOS on an android device.

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