How to Control your PS3 with Android App

Most of the world is using smartphones now and amongst them, androids are more widely used than any other. The best thing about android is that you can do so much with them and customize them according to your needs. Other operating systems are usually much more restrictive. However, android devices have a lot of fun uses. Amongst these, is the fact that you can actually control your PlayStation 3 with one. Can you really do that with any other types of phones? This function makes it so much easier when you need to input text on your PS3 instead of fumbling with the actual controller that takes a lot of time.

The bluetooth ports on Playstations allow you to connect devices such as keyboards, headphones, joysticks, etc. Other than this, you can also use the bluetooth feature now to connect the PS3 to an android device. This allows you to use your android to remotely control the PS3 it is connected to. Here we will tell you how you can turn your android device into a PS3 controller.

You need a PlayStation 3 and an android phone or tablet that is rooted. Not all smartphones are supported and you need to check if yours is. The kernel of the terminal is important and if is not supported then you cannot use the device as a controller. But if it is, you can connect and the touch screen of your device will be used as a mouse and you can input text through the keyboard. If you install BlueputDroid, the application has been designed to make your android connect and work as a controller for your console. However, you first need to check if your device is actually supported for this function even if it is an android. We will give you the names of a few commonly used smartphones and tablets that are supported or unsupported. Most devices that will support this function also need some custom firmware such as Cyanogenmod or DarchDroid.

Devices that support:

  • Motorola Cliq
  • Motorola Cliq XT
  • Dell Streak
  • Google Nexus One
  • Google Nexus S
  • HTC Hero with DarchDroid
  • HTC Incredible with IncDoes

Devices that are not supported:

  • HTC Eris
  • HTC Magic
  • HTC Desire Z
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Samsung Moment

As long as your device is supported you can download and use BlueputDroid. The next steps are easy to follow and will connect your devices.

Follow the instructions given below to connect PS3 with your Android

  • First you need to enable the bluetooth option on your Android device. Just go to Settings then Wireless Controls and choose Bluetooth. Different devices might have different settings and it is usually simple to turn on the bluetooth visibility. This is needed because PlayStation 3 uses Bluetooth technology for controls. So just like a normal controller, your android needs to connect to the PS3 using bluetooth as well.
  • Now turn on your PlayStation 3 and then go to settings.
  • Keep the bluetooth window open on your android device and search for the device using your PlayStation 3.
  • Go to the Adjustments tab and find Bluetooth option.
  • Click on Manage Bluetooth Devices and you will see a list of all the visible bluetooth devices near you.
  • Select the name of your android device if it is visible. Otherwise Register a new device. You need to ensure that the android bluetooth is visible.
  • Sometimes it will not be visible even when it is turned on and this can be configured in the android settings. Once you click on Register, the PS3 will scan for any bluetooth device and you can then select your android.
  • The PS3 will generate a key or password that needs to be entered into your android phone or tablet. Enter the six digit key from the PS3 screen onto your android. This will pair the two devices together to use. Once done, open the menu on your device and click on “reload devices”. A list will show the paired devices with your android device. The PlayStation 3 should also be there and you should select it. This will establish the connection.
  • Now go back to your android device and open Google Play. You have to search for an application called BlueputDroid and download it. The application is free and anyone can download it on their android phones. This particular app is essential if you want to use your android as a PlayStation 3 controller.
  • Once BlueputDroid is downloaded on your device, you have to run it. In the app, click on Start. Once you start running the app, it will show you all the devices that are available to connect. You need to grant any permissions that the app asks for while running. You need to select Allow when you are notified that an app wants to turn bluetooth on for your device.  
  • By default the application will show a keyboard but you can choose to use the PS3 Pad or the keyboard.
  • From the list of available bluetooth devices on the app, you have to select the PlayStation 3 on the screen. Once done, this will connect your android as a controller for your PlayStation 3. That’s it! You can now play using your phone or tablet as well.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, it is quite simple and really easy to use your android to control a PlayStation 3. As long as you follow the instructions, things should work out and you can enjoy as many games as you want with your new controller. It comes in really handy when you want to play with a friend but do not have an extra controller. Just turn their or your android device into one and start playing. Not only can you play games, you can use any other applications on your PlayStation 3 like Netflix or Youtube as well. Your android device is like a remote for the PS3 once it is connected. You can see just why we love the versatility of android devices.

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